Ratschings Mountain Trail – Regulations

All athletes who have reached the age of 18 on the day of the race are eligible to participate. Also eligible are all those who have reached the age of 16 (with statement of consent from a parent or guardian).

There are also the following requirements for participation:

Runners from Italy are eligible to participate as…

  •  … Member of the Italian athletics association UISP (membership card and medical certificate must be submitted)
  •  … Member of one of the professional associations that are associated with UISP: ACLI, ACSI, AICS, ASC, ASI, CNS Libertas, CSAIN; CSEN, CSI, ENDAS, FIDAL, MSP ITALIA, OPES, PGS. These runners must also be in possession of the RUNCARD EPS or MOUNTAIN&TRAIL according to the international regulations (from 01.06.16). Information at www.runcard.com​
  •  … Leisure runners if you hold a medical certificate for athletics according to Art. 5-D.M. 18.2.1982. These participants must also hold a Runcard or a Runcard MOUNTAIN&TRAIL. Further information at www.runcard.com (copy of Runcard and medical certificate must be submitted)
  •  Otherwise, the UISP membership card (4.00 Euro) can be booked at the time of registration. It is valid for 3 months.

Runners from abroad

  • … must submit either a valid association card from a club recognised by the IAAF

or a medical certificate from their doctor.

All documents can be uploaded via the registration system. Registration is only complete and valid once the registration fees have been paid and all necessary documents (valid on the day of the event) have been provided.

Time limits:

  • Control point and changeover zone Malga Klammalm 2:45 hours
  • Race closes after 4:30 hours

Anyone who does not reach the checkpoint or finish within the allotted time will no longer be classified and may not be entitled to any services (refreshment posts, marshals, timing, ranking, medals, etc.). The start numbers of affected runners who still want to continue running will be marked accordingly and organisation will be released from any responsibility. Run time measuring is done electronically by means of a chip on the disposable start number, which is provided free of charge. The organiser will use mountain rescue services to ensure that no injured participants are left behind along the route.

The organiser points out that the Racines Mountain Trail runs through Alpine terrain. It should be noted that the weather and ground conditions in the mountains can change rapidly. Non-slip trail running shoes and clothing adapted to the conditions prevailing on the day of the race are highly recommended. Hiking poles are permitted

The following categories are planned:

F/M Juniors (born 2002 and younger)
F/M 20 (born 1992 – 2001)
F/M 30 (born 1982 – 1991)
F/M 40 (born 1972 – 1981)
F/M 50 (born 1962 – 1971)
F/M 60 (born 1952 – 1961)
M 70 (born 1951 and older)

Women’s relay (2 women)
Men’s relay (2 men)

Mixed relay (woman and man)

Attractive non-cash prizes are given to:

General class female: Top 5
General class male: Top 7

The first three category places (if less than 3 participants per category have reached the finish, the categories will be merged. Juniors are taken up in the next higher category, all others in the next lower).

Only athletes present at the awards ceremony will be given prizes. Prices will not be posted.

Clubs with several participants benefit from the following advantages:

From 10 finishers within a club, the club receives a free start number for the following year.
From 20 finishers -> 2 free start numbers for the following year.
From 30 finishers -> 3 free start numbers for the following year etc …

In addition, the club with the most finishers receives an ​original gift​. The runtime of the individual athletes is irrelevant. A finisher is every individual participant and every relay team who reach the finish within the permitted time. For finisher relays both participants count for the ranking.

Please note: When registering the individual club members, the name of the club must be identical.

In case of drop-out by the athlete or if the race is stopped for safety reasons by the organisation or by the mountain rescue service, each participant is obliged to report to the nearest marshal as soon as possible and to follow their instructions. In these cases (drop-out/cancellation) there is no claim to reimbursement of the entry fee nor to its transfer to the following year.

Unsportsmanlike and unfair behaviour (shortcuts, disregard of official instructions and regulations, doping, misrepresentation, passing on the start number …)  will be punished with disqualification. The decisions will be made by the race management. Any objections must be submitted in writing to the organiser no later than 30 minutes after publication of the results lists (deposit: €50.00). Dogs are not allowed.

The organisers are particularly concerned about protecting nature and the environment. It is strictly forbidden to throw away any rubbish outside the refreshment areas, where appropriate rubbish bins are provided. Any violation will be penalised with disqualification.

The organisation reserves the right to change the date of the event, the starting time, the route, the location of the refreshment points, etc. at any time and without prior notice in the event of special unforeseeable circumstances that endanger the proper and safe execution of the event.

In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organisation reserves the right to suspend, postpone or permanently cancel the event at the sole discretion of the race director or the competent authorities. The suspension or cancellation of the race does not give any right to a refund of the entry fee.

The safety regulations will be adapted to the current guidelines valid on the day of the event. Due to the cooperation with the specialised timekeeping company “Race Result” it is possible to react flexibly to the respective situation (mass start, block start, single start). Should the event not be feasible, registrations remain valid for an alternative date.

The organisers do not accept liability for loss, injury or harm to any person or object. Each participant also acknowledges the disclaimer of liability of the sponsors, the neighbouring communities, and the owners of private ways for damages of any kind, which may arise from the participation in the race. No liability is accepted for lost or stolen items.

For regulations not explicitly mentioned in these rules the terms and conditions of the UISP regulations apply.

The organiser reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time as necessary. Any changes will be published here